3F Construction was established in Beirut, Lebanon 1985 by Mr. Fadil Al-Jawhary. His aim was to always add value through innovation, foresight, integrity and quality performance. In 2001, he decided to expand to Qatar. Mr. Firas Al-Jawhary, son of Mr. Fadil Al-Jawhary, was there to manage the company Bonyan Alfadil in Doha, Qatar. In 2012 Mr. Fadi Al-Jawhary took over the management of the company.


Bonyan Al-Fadil has grown to become one of the largest and most respected mass earthmovings, site development and construction companies in the region. Bonyan Al-Fadil was established in 2003 and registered in Doha, State of Qatar under the certificate of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry –Registration No. 27299. Since its inception, Bonyan Al-Fadil has been delivering world-class service to our customers in the Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Highway industries and is well known as a multi-faceted excavation contractor and offers a full range of services including: excavation, site development, demolition, underground utilities work, grading, compacting, erosion control, delivery and disposal of fill material.


The philosophy of BONYAN AL-FADIL is to perform work for a selected group of clients and target projects and ensure that the necessary attention is provided to each project we undertake. Our goal on all of our projects is to obtain our client’s complete satisfaction by performing our work at the most competitive prices, with the highest quality construction and within schedule requirements. We take all steps necessary to ensure these three goals are met and that at the end of each project, our client is even more impressed with BONYAN AL-FADIL than they were at the first interview. We encourage our clients to ask questions throughout the project, thereby ensuring their satisfaction when the job is completed. These philosophies have been in place for 15 years now and have resulted in our continuous growth and success. Customer satisfaction equals repeat business, and excellent referrals from previous projects are the key to our continued success. Our main concern is client driven rather than revenue driven. We strive to meet and exceed these standards on every project. We still provide construction services for the same companies we worked with during our first year of operation, which we feel speaks volumes in terms of the quality of work we provide. “We recognize that success is not purely determined by financial results, but by the manner in which we conduct our business”.


Our reputation has been built on our ability to consistently deliver quality work at competitive prices, on time and on budget. Guided by our core values- Safety, Quality, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork, Pride, Customer Focus, and Community Service Bonyan Al-Fadil committed to working safely and efficiently, as a team in partnership with our customers to exceed their expectations and these values are the foundation of every project and have become the cornerstone that guides our company.

At Bonyan Al-Fadil our people are our greatest asset. Bonyan Al Fadil’s success can be attributed to our employee’s dedication to providing excellent work and outstanding customer service.

We combine ongoing training and the development of industry best practices with the depth of experience and longevity of our core workforce. The result a unique ability to provide the groundwork for success on every project we construct.


Construction continues to be Bonyan Al-Fadil’s main focus for the future. We aspire to be the leading service provider in each area of our diverse operations, supported by a culture of teamwork, quality, cost effectiveness, integrity and safety. We insist on maintaining the highest standards of corporate behavior and are committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Our ability to continuously meet these standards is demonstrated by our superior levels of repeated business.



The board of BONYAN AL-FADIL Company believes that excellent standards of safety and health are essential for the well-being of our people, reputation and business performance. Our aim is to integrate safety and health into every activity carried out by the company. We are committed to ensuring that all our activities worldwide are conducted in accordance with industry best practice, thus ensuring the health and safety of our staff, customers, visitors, sub-contractors, trespassers, and all others affected by our operation.


“Integrity” means our commitment to honesty, quality and efficiency in construction. We guarantee that we will always provide services and advice to meet the best interest of our clients. Our services and materials are fair and available to all. We communicate honestly and accurately to establish credibility and respect. We will be truthful in all our dealings, working in accordance with the prevailing laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies and procedures. Acceptance of responsibility is critical to our effectiveness.


The services and materials we provide will reflect our commitment to producing only the highest quality construction. We intend to build quality and excellence into each job and product we have produced. We view timely delivery as an essential part of quality also.


You want it done quickly? You want it done well? You want cost control? So do we! Our objective in estimating and bidding for project work is to provide a product at the lowest reasonable cost. Our objective is to provide a result that meets or beats the estimated cost. We are dedicated to earning a return on assets that will enable growth and enhance company value.



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